This Agreement regulates the relations between the Administration of system (hereinafter the System) and the person who uses the services of the system (hereinafter the User).

The User expresses consent to all the terms of the agreement by registering on the website


Terms and definitions.

System is a set of Internet hosted web pages that are available at the following addresses: and, their services and content. The services provided by software systems are the mechanism of conversion links to internal link of the System and advertising on the Service web-sites pages.

Service is individual elements of System software provided by the User on a paid or unpaid basis.

User - is a registered party of System that uses its Service.

System link ("short link") - is a link that the User receives in the course of using the Service. It looks like{identification key}. An identification key is part of the link that allows User to associate a System internal link with an external link, which is indicated by the User.

Referral - user of the System, registered under special invitation link (referral link) that he received from another user on the system.


1. Subject of the agreement.

1.1. Using of the service is governed by the legislation of the Federal Republic of Germany (FRG).

1.2. This agreement may be supplemented or modified at the discretion of Administration. In this case Users are notified with the message sent to the provided during registration E-mail address and/or posted information in the section "News". The new version of the Agreement shall enter into force in 3 days after publication. If User does not agree with the changes, he is obliged to refuse the use of the System.

1.3. The Agreement is concluded between the Administration and the User (Parties) at the time of registration of the User in the System. By registering, the User agrees to accept this Agreement and to get acquainted with its current version timely.

1.4. The Parties may terminate this agreement unilaterally at any time.

1.5. The Agreement is concluded for an indefinite period.


2. Rights and obligations of the Administration.

2.1. The System, all its services and their contents, the code, databases, graphics and information used in the Users  interface elements, are the property of the Administration. Administration is not responsible for the visit and use links to external resources that can be provided by services of the System.

2.2. Administration has no responsibility to the User or any third party for any indirect, incidental, unintentional damage, including damages arising from the loss or deletion of data, loss of profits and damages of the business reputation when the User uses the System.

2.3. Administration does not provide compensation in the event that the User has incorrect data in his personal account, on which was the transfer of funds, or the account is not available or locked.

2.4. Administration is responsible for any failure to perform its obligations under this contract, if it is prevented or delayed in performing those obligations by an event or circumstance of force majeure. Such circumstances may include: natural disasters, catastrophes, fires, riots, strikes, seize power, prohibitive actions, failures in the telecommunications and energy networks, urgent or routine maintenance, malware or third persons, aimed at disabling the software or unauthorized access to the System.

2.5. Administration is entitled to delete Users system references that lead to unacceptable, according to Administration, content that violate the law, links that are objectionable or in violation of this Agreement.

2.6. Administration is entitled to block the access to the System for the User who systematically or intentionally violates the terms of this Agreement.

2.7. Administration undertakes not to disclose the personal data of the User, except for cases stipulated by current legislation.

2.8. Administration is entitled to refuse a User in a withdrawal or change the amount on his personal account if User violates the terms of this Agreement.

2.9. Administration is entitled to change the internal rates of Services.


3. Rights and obligations of the User.

3.1. User undertakes to abide by the rules of the System.

3.2. User is obliged to protect his password and other personal data. User is responsible for the preservation and non-disclosure of this data, as well as all risks (loss) related to possible theft or loss of personal data.

3.3. User agrees not to undertake actions that could be seen as violation of  internal or international law, including in the field of intellectual property, copyrights and related rights, as well as any action that  may cause to malfunction of the System.

3.4. User is informed that his materials used within the Service, can be displayed on the sites or third party software.

3.5. User has the right to use all the Services at any time, except in circumstances which may be qualified as a failure in normal system operation.

3.6. User provides to Administration right for storage, processing and reproduction of all materials that have been loaded by the User in the Services of the System.

3.7. User is aware that Administration does not provide any guarantees about the timely and smooth processing of user's information, referral income and the size of any payment.

3.8. User undertakes not to use the Service and System links to spread malicious software, and materials that can insult the dignity of third parties or that contain incitement to violence and commit illegal acts.

3.9. User is forbidden to resort to fraud or blackmail against the Administration and other users of the System through the falsification of statistical and personal data, using various technological or organizational decisions. In particular, User is forbidden to cheat view counters or clicks on System links, personally or through automated systems, either by calling third persons to commit such acts.

3.10. User can withdraw money from  his personal account in the System, to a personal account a bank in the prescribed manner and in according to this Agreement.

3.11. User is informed that he should pay any taxes and fees levied by Governments or intermediaries when doing financial transactions, adding funds or withdraw funds to his personal account by himself.


4. Other conditions.

4.1. Any and all disputes between the Parties relating to this Agreement, including the interpretation or application thereof, shall be resolved through by compulsory pre-trial negotiations and consideration of claims.  Any dispute of this character not so resolved shall, with the consent of all Parties to the dispute, be referred for settlement to the court at the place of registration of Administration.

4.2. User shall reimburse to Administration and third parties any loss associated with his actions, including, but not limited to a breach of this Agreement, copyright  or other exclusive rights.

4.3. If at any time during the existence of the Agreement one of its provisions, which is severable and distinct from the others pursuant to Agreement, is determined to be or to have become invalid, illegal or unenforceable, the validity, legality and enforceability of the remaining provisions of the contract shall not in any way be affected or impaired.


Administration 15. August 2015

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