Terms & Conditions

In the basis of the Rules lies a fair and mutually beneficial cooperation.

An partner link is a shortened link or automatic created link at riblink.com.

1. Links may be created for any websites and files that do not contain any materials violating international law, do not contain malicious code, and do not engage in the proliferation of malware. You are not allowed to create a link to executable files (.exe, .msi, .apk etc.).

2. Any statistics cheating (self-clicks, promotion systems etc.) on the partner links is prohibited. Users, who visit partner links, must be real persons.

3. Self-registration of new accounts on your own referral link is prohibited. In case of detection of such registrations or if your referred User is blocked for violation of the Rules, referral funds you received can be deducted from your account.

4. Creation of the "chains" of short/system links is forbidden. Short link must not lead to another short link.

5. It is forbidden to engage in spam using the links of the System. In particular, it is forbidden to send advertising emails using the System's links to individuals who have not expressed a desire to receive such messages. Such links are blocked and in case of repeated violations User's account can be blocked too.

6. Administrators never ask or control your password. Each User should provide for complexity of the password and ensure its safety. The most secure password must have at least 6 letters (uppercase and lowercase), numbers and a variety of characters, for example: x7A5uB!7eS4T. Do not share your password. The Administration reserves its right not to compensate possible losses if user's account is compromised.

In case of detection of infringements of the Rules the User's account can be blocked with all funds.
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