How often or when payments are made?

Payments are made within 3-days from the date of filing of the application for withdrawal. You can withdraw funds earned no earlier than a week before your request.

Links names and descriptions

You can specify the name and description to all links (including individually). They will appear on the page with advertisements. It will help people get more information about links and increase their credibility.

Macroses for links

You have the ability to use macroses as URL parameters for your destination URL.

Example: http://yourhomepage.com/?ref={referer_url}&campaign_id={campaign_id}

Available macroses:

{referer_domain} - Domain of the site where the link was opened.
{referer_url} - URL of the site where the link was opened.
{campaign_id} - Campaign ID.
{url_id} - Short link ID.
{country} - Country name of the visitor.

Monetizing of transitions

User can enable or disable the monetization of transitions for his links. If User disables monetization, all links (short and automatically generated) will send the user to the target link without showing ads and taxing income. If the monetization is enabled, each unique transition will generate revenue for the User, depending on the current tariff.

Own domain

User can specify his own domain in his campaign settings. All system links of the campaign will run through it. User must register by his domain registrar a CNAME-link, which should lead to rib.ink. (with a dot at the end). User can specify a CNAME for an entire domain (@) or for a separate sub-domain (ex. link.yourdomain.com).

If registration is successful, the domain name redirects the User to the main page of the system. After binding domain User's links will be available both on new and old address.

Note that if User deletes a CNAME-link or domain registration expires, the short link will no longer work with it.

If User wants to remove the binding to the domain, he can remove the domain name and save campaign.

Password for the link

User can set a password for his references. It can be useful if User wants to give access to the target link to a limited number of persons. 

The inscription on the navigation button

You can specify an inscription on a navigation button to the target link (on the page with ads). You can call it "Let's go!", "Download" or "Get a bonus” etc.

The list of all links of campaign

Links can be downloaded in the form of a XLS document. The list will get only short links with their target links (there won’t be automatically generated links from your site). It can be useful if you want to make a backup copy. You can download your links in campaign settings.

What you need to do to start earning?

After registration you will find a link named "Tools" in your dashboard menu. You can use any convenient way among described in this section. For example, if you choose the option with installation of JavaScript code on your site, it will automatically convert the links from your site to System links. When users of your site click on such links, you will be immediately credited to income.

Campaign settings: Advertising formats

Banners - graphical advertisement displayed on the loading page.
Popunder/Clickunder - advertising format, whereby the advertised site is opened either in a new window or in the current one (in this case, the current page opens in a new window).
Adult - advertising with erotic scenes for adults.

Campaign settings: Format of the links

Key only – a short link format, consisting of the system domain (or domain) and key. Example link: https://rib.ink/be2a
Key + link - link format, that includes the key and a part of the URL, following after the destination link domain. The link seems more beneficial for a user of your site, because it gives advance knowledge where it leads. Example link: https://rib.ink/be2a/bass-boosted-music-mix-2-0-47/2022112/view

Campaign settings: Public stats on links

If this option is activated, then the statistics of your link (ending with "+") will become publicly available.

Campaign settings: Redirect method for links

Automatic - users will be immediately redirected to the destination url if advertising is not enabled and the links' password and the analytics' code are not set.
Direct link - users will be immediately redirected to the destination url. Advertising, security, display and analytics' options are not taken into account.
Intermediate page - users will be always redirected to the intermediate page with the redirect button.

Clicking on the system link displays no ads (no revenue received)

Perhaps in the campaign in which the link is saved, the display of the ads is disabled. 
Please note that in the default campaign (creates automatically when you sign up), the ads serving is disabled by default. You can enable ads serving in campaign settings.

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